Day 1

  Today we did the group work, the topic is about the movement. At first, we talked about the word “movement” what is meaning. Someone thought it is the action of moving like walking, writing, picking-up the stuff, someone thought it is a series of movement, next we wrote down some ideas and did a mind map. Then we went outside to use took some photo, for instance, we took some photo when people was walking and observed the movement of the garment, there are some folding and changing the shape of the clothes. Also we imagined a person who woke up and he/she wanted to dress up, there are a series of movement when people dress themselves. Afterwards, we came back to the classroom and took some photo when a girl touch the hair, so the bullerfly sleeve floated and we can see the folding of the sleeve, there are the movement with the action. Also Blues dressed a long coat and did some action like turning around, dancing, jumping and so on, we can see the lower hem of the jacket was moving. Besides, we also did some drapes, when we changed the shape of the garments, it is the movement about the garments. 

Before the end of the class, we had a small presentation among two group. Each group explain our mind map and some photos which was chosen. From aother group’s presentation, it extended my mind to the word “movement”, then I know I also can think about the color, history of the fashion, texture and other different type to explain “movement”.