Before I start to learn the photography , I have interest in taking photo , and also I think photography is around our life , so many aspects will use the photography , for instance , there are many photos in magazines or newspaper and even you go to a restaurant , the menu also have many pictures , so photography consist in our life. Besides , nowadays photography is more and more important in our life , due to the fast development of social and economy ,people are prefer to watch a picture rather than read a paragraphs. This is my opinion why I am willing to study this rotation.

   In our first project is about the Royagraph , before I begin to research some information about this word , I don’ t know what exactly it is. After I got some information about it , I am very surprised , because it let me know there are another way to create a picture which don’t use the camera. It likes to draw a photograph , not the traditional meaning about photography. Making a Royagraph firstly light the photographic paper , next use the developer and fix liquid , then clean it and let it dry . It is not very complicated , but also not very easy to get a good piece , because we need using the experience to control the time of light and steep in the liquid , if not sometimes will too light , sometimes will too dark.

   Through the whole rotation of the theme is about the surrealism , so we learned to take photo in the studio using the flash light and slow shutter speed to make the affect of the multiple exposure. It’ s very interesting to create the action or the story in one photo , and also we took photo in a group , we communicated with the member and gave the different opinions , I think it is a good way to improve the cooperation with other people , it is a very important skill when we start to work. The following project is to take the photo about reflection. Reflection also a good way to show the surrealism ,reflect the different things in one picture or maybe there is a story in the picture.
Afterwards , I searched a range of artists and photographers , also some information about the Surrealism and Dada , then make a collage about the social media control people’ mind and a photo story about two girl come across in the toilet . This project is the most interesting part for me , because I think use the some connected picture to tell a story and when we just see the part of photo ,we maybe don’t know the fact of the story . Dada collage is also inspired me a lot not only in collage ,but also in photography , which means we can edit the photo ,maybe cut a piece of photo or put some color in it , don’t limit in the frame. Besides , we also make the surreal advertisement and the symmetrical joiners , I ask tutor and friends a lot question about how to use the photoshop to edit the photo and I practice more in my work ,so I think my computer skill improved , which is very useful for my.

   Additionally , we read the website about the surrealism and learn a plenty of knowledge , which are the development of the surrealism , the history of the objects and so on. Also , we went to the library to copy some magazines ‘ articles which the photograph inspired me . It both very helpful me to realize the deeper meaning about the photography and surrealism. We also studied how to use the digital camera and used the function about the shutter speed , aperture and Iso. It is useful skills for me to take more nice picture. I practice many time , taking the photo both in studio and outside , I also do some own work which is about the warm light let individual feel warm. About my final piece, I got three different ideas from the different way , one is from a movie ,one is from my dream diary ,one is the experience after I went to the London. In the presentation , classmate and the tutor gave me the suggestion which is choose the first idea as my final piece. I think presentation is a great way to know other people’s ideas ,what they think ,how they develope the ideas , we can learn a lot from other people.

From this rotation , I learned so many skills about how to use the digital camera and also how to use the photoshop to edit pictures , besides , I comprehend the photography more deeper. I enjoy taking photos and enjoy using camera to record life , very glad to own this experience to study more knowledge about the photography.