This weekend I with my friend went to the London and when I took the subway and saw a range of people ,I inspired from this  a lot. Now almost people want to live in city and individual live in fast pace of life , because they need to earn more money to support them live in city or live more better life , so people always very busy. We can see lots of people look like very tired in the subway and we can feel people quickly passed by.

So I took some photo about the strangers passed by us ,we don’t know about them , because of the busy life. I use the low shutter speed to take them , because I want to show the main focus is the individual and the other are just the shadow. We also went to the Chinatown and I saw many red lanterns in there , then I just feel warm ,don’t have another reason ,but still feel like I went to the hometown. So I also took some photo using the warm tone.