Life drawing

This week we use ink to draw several human figures, but a little bit different is that we use the not only the brush also the prod . I think the prod is a good material to draw the line of  the body and using the brush to draw some shadow in the figure. This week we just spent short time to quickly draw the figure ,so we can’t draw very detailed , we just draw the shape and action of the body and put some tone in the figure . I think using ink is very difficult to control the amount of the ink , so maybe I need practise more to make it better.

Visual study 

Today we have the team work which is drawing a huge tree . At the beginning , there are some problem ,because the piece of paper are not average , so maybe lead to can’t connected with others. Then ,with the help of the tutor ,we successful cut the average piece paper and organise three people as a group . We follow the paper and draw it down , however , different people have different style to express. Finally , we put all the printing together , it’s surprising that all the paper can be connected and the final work is quiet great .