Life drawing

Today we drew the woman’s body with the pencil and color pencil. The different between today and before was that we need to draw the tone of the body and muscles. Tom gave us more time to draw , because he wanted to us draw more accurately and used the shadow to represent the tone of body. Until now I am not good at drawing tone for the body , I think maybe I should observe more carefully and use the shadow to represent the stereoscopic body.
Visual study 

This week we draw a little bit different which is panorama photos. Nowadays in our phone almost have a function which is taking panorama photos, it meaning that we can take the scenes not only just have one side also can include the all sides scenes. At the beginning , I am not sure how to draw this , because when I use my eyes to observe the environment ,I don’t know the angle and size of the objects ,and also confused with how to array all the object. So first time I drew the wrong way ,I drew everything ont the straight line , however , it’s not the panorama photos , then I change it ,I drew the objects on curve line and the angle of the objects are connected.