Idea 1 


Few days ago , I watched a movie called he is a dragon which is a Russia movie. In this movie , the main male character is a dragon and his ancestors usually  arrest the bride when the people was singing the song called the song of dragon , so he took the girl in the instinctive sense. However , after a period of time to get along,the girl falled in love with the dragon , and then he taught the girl some special power , One of them is that he can see the direction of the wind. I think it is really cool when I first time saw it and inspired from this. I imagine that  maybe oneday people can see the wind or even control the things what ever they want.

So I took some photo and use the photoshop to edit them. There are the example about the making process.

Idea 2

I want to express the theme is  about the opposite of the world.  Because sometime when I am doing someting and the other are doing another thing or maybe when people talk about something which they are interesting in it , but I don’t interesting in it , then I will feel out of tune with the world. I just stand there , but  feel the world is in turn, whatever how beautiful of the world , I still feel boring. I want to use the opposite of the background and the person stand there who don’t have the expression.

Idea 3

This idea is connected with the experience which I went to the London last week. Nowadays , we are willing to live in the big city which have the convince transport and rich in the resources.  However , people are living in fast pace of life , they usually shuttle in the crowd and miss a lot scenery in  the life . Everyday we will meet so many people ,but almost are the passer-by , we definitely meet them but we still don’t know each other . Although we meet so many people and have many friends ,no matter where we still feel lonely in the life . In the crowded underground station , the fast subway and throng cross over you and sometimes will let us feel the city or the life are full of the busy ,busy ,busy .