This weekend I with my friend went to the London and saw three different gallery which is the Photography Gallery ,Lomography and V&A Museum.

First ,we went to the Photography Gallery and I really like it. I realise that I can use the different material to mix the photography work ,such as the lines , circle,some special shape and so on. Also we have so many different way to show the final presentation, not only just print out the photos ,also can use some object which can link to our work. Then we went to the Lomography , we saw so many Lomo camera ,it looks like really cool , however , we didn’t go downstairs to see other photos ,because we think  the place is very small and we can search more information about this from the internet. In the end ,we went to the V&A Museum, it’s a wonderful place to learn different information ,there are so many different types work , I am very interesting in fashion ,so I saw I a lot of garment which is very old but beautiful. I also saw some old photography, I think the film noir is the most I like , used the black and white to the story or the object ,actually how to take them using the film camera is a difficult thing,we need to practise so many time ,then maybe can choose one of them.