Surreal Advert

vladimir-peintre-surrealiste-pillow-book copy.jpg

Because the bag looks like a old book ,so I use this feature. This picture I want to express that someone have a dream which is covered with the luxury bag as the quilt. It is impossible and it is meaning that someone who is really desire luxury  bags and have vanity.I think I make which it is a little bit ironic.


I want to introduce the item is a Pravda bag ,which is a luxury bag , and it looks like a old book. So I use it as to “built” a book house and someone inside and reading some books. I want to express that someone the luxury items to stand for themselves who are very mighty ,but actually inside they are not confident.

dgfghjkl.jpgI use so many bag and turn them side to become a circle. The background is the London Eyes with aperture. I use photoshop to put two picture together and use the liquify tool to mix them . In this picture , I want to express that the bag is very attraction ,like the beautiful London eyes .There are some light around the bags .

Symmetrical joiners