I read three articles ,watched the videos and try the test in the website ,also I  learned 

a lot knowledge  about surrealism from the website. I known the history ,the development of the surrealism , some surrealism objects and the information of the artist Man Ray.Also , I wrote some comment when I read it.  
When I first time saw this object , I think a little bit shocked. Because in our daily life , we can’t imagine to use this cup to drink something , maybe you will full of the fur in your mouth , it is very sick. However ,”surrealism objects were representative off an idea. This object – as the ful imbues these functional , hand-held objects with sexual connotations. 

This shoes which looks like very common , but there are some special meaning inside the work. These two shoes ,unobserved at night ,doing “forbidden “things. She give the anthropomorphised  to shoes which express on gender. 
From those paragraph , I Kobe a lot about the history which is about the feature of Surrealism and the development of the surrealism. Everything appear all having the reason ,it’s not explceptional ,people dissatisfied with present situation , so they went to change something , surrealism is a way they want to express what they really want to change. 

This paragraph inspired me a lot. In visual studies ,tutor taught us to use one line to draw the scenery. It is simmilar with this automatic drawings , which is can develop is imagination and expand our field of vision. It also can improve us to use more free line and not restrict the form of the drawing. 

    Man Ray use the object which is very easy to find in our daily life ,but he change it to make it become more destructive. It can’t be used and will ruin other things. This is the feature of the surrealism objects, which the everyday odjects has been changed,and the artist’s relatively simple addition of tracks transforms a useful device into destructive one.