This article introduce a photographer called Jimmy Deana. In his work , we can see “a surreal display of the desires coursing through the veins of everyday life”. He choose the position and the staff is very easy to find in our life , but model’s pose are queer and hidden. And his work some are very critique ,some are commercial. He want to explain somewhere between the mundane and the extraordinary. For example , Refrigerator (1975) is exemplary, composed of intermingling angles and shadow , the photograph cracks open the door of respectability and shame , and inside we find the body deliciously bound. We also can see some work are connected with sexual life, it’s because he is a gay man ,also a photographer ,a artist ,a lover , so his work are beautifully complex.


This articles is talk about the femininity . The skin is the armour of girls ,if we dress clothing will give us comfort ,a sense of individuality .But when people striping down to your skin becomes more than just a question of physical nudity. By removing clothing , you are also removing the mask ,the persona ,that by stripping a person down to their bare essence. ffWhen you let your guard down ,the light breaks through and just for a moment people get to see you for who you really are. Additionally, those photos are connected with the fashion photograph and the surrealism photograph . There are a little bit hard to understand when I first time see it , but it still very artistic to show the women’s body.