When we talk about the word “reflection” , the first things come out from my brain which is the mirror when you stand in front of it and you will see the same you stand in front of you. It’s quite interesting and I think if we use this idea to take some photos which maybe can do very nice photos.  

  So , the first picture I take was when I stand in front of a glass window  ,  I can see the reflection of me in the window. And I also take some pictures which is the reflection of something ,for example ,the bell ,the bikes , lens and so on. Besides , I take some picture which is the shadow. In my opinion, I realise the shadow can more response the topic of surrealism , for example, I take the picture which just a door and my shadow in the door , but I want to tell a story about the picture. A person is standing in front of the door , it’s her/his house , but she /he don’t want to go into it , she/he just stands there and hesitates to go in. Because if I want to go home I just use my key to open it , I will not use so many time and the shadow will not be in there. So the shadow is stand for worrying.  

Additionally , I use the photoshop to fix those pictures. I want the photo more light and have the green and yellow tone which is more like the old film. Also I want to change some photo to the black and white.