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In the photo , I want to tell the story is  about different perspectives on the problem. At the beginning , I  (for my perspective) am in the toilet and hear some voice ,so I open a little bit space ,because I want to know what’s happen outside. I see two girl have a hug  , so I guess mabey they are friends for long time no see , and give a hug to other , how sweet it is. Otherwise , when I catch a glimpse of the  mirror , I see actually they are fight with other.

I (for a girl perspective ) meet my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend in the toilet. Also there was a dispute between me and her.So we fight with other, and  pull each other’s hair. In my view ,she looks like so ugly and have a villainous face. Afterward  ,I (for my perspective )  close the door ,but I also can see they are have a hug to other , I know that not the true. And then I close the door , I don’t want to take a part in this thing. I just want to see what I really want to see.

I think sometimes people just want to see what they want ,and don’t care about other people ,even don’t give a hand to other people. Nowadays many people don’t have warm heart , I think this is the problem of the whole time.Besides ,one thing different people have different view ,each person stands in his position to look at the problem.

This is my collage and my piont view is about the social media . We can see I show a brain and a hand control our mind which is electronic equipment. Nowadays mobile phone ,laptop ,social media is the necessary things in our daily life , we can not use our phone , we want to connect our friends or family ,and we also like use the social media to share our life ,but there are some problem coming out ,we spend so many time on it ,we check the list many time ,even sometimes social media let the teenager fall into it and abandon their studies.

Additionally , we also use the social media to know a person about the hobbit ,interest ,experience . So we just unilateral understand a person who have which personality. We don’t like to communicate with other face to face , even just believe the information from the Internet. I think it not a good phenomenon , people don’t use their eyes to see the fact ,just believe in the words of others.