We went to the darkroom in the morning and tutor showed us how to make the photogram. The principle is simple – you expose a sheet of light sensitive emulsion, in our example photographic paper, to light and block its path with the subject to create silhouette shapes were the light is blocked.First of all ,we take some items to make a image which you like ,and then set time. If the time more longer , it means the photogram will more lighter , vice versa. Afterward ,push the button and when the light is off , moved the photogram to the developer quickly ,because even though it is under the red light , if it lasts for a long time , it also will be grey. We don’t need to put the photogram in the developer for a long time ,just 1-2 minute. And put it to the fix ,it should soak for a few minute.  Besides , we also can use the brush to draw something in the photogram. Whatever, we need remember to light first. Finally , we wash the photograms and dry them.

Additionally ,there are some tips need to attention. First , when we take the photographic paper ,it should be in the dark ,otherwise it will become grey. Second , when we use the light ,we need to adjust the position of the paper to make sure it can be covered. The last but not the least , when we hold the photogram ,we need to make sure our hands is dry.

It was a very special experience for me , I  never try to make a photogram before , we can mix and match different items and  draw some image to create photograph.Also I think it is a different way to record things when the technology is not very developed.

This photogram I make , first of all I light it and then I just use the brush with developer to draw a image which is a person laughing and putting hands up. I want to express when a person very happy with something what is she/he doing. Maybe she/he will laugh all the time and dance with joy.  And I  use the distinctive technology to show this idea. There are some funny thing when I get to final photogram , because it is the reason of water, so there are some water mark under the eyes ,it looks like the tears of joy.

When I was drawing this image , my mind suddenly flashed a cloud ,so I draw a cloud and rain. I use the bigger brush to draw a background and wait a few time after it dry ,then use the smaller brush with more developed which is in order to make it darker than the background to draw some wave lines . It will show two layers and  tilt screen to make effect of rain. Drawing can  record something , and I use the photogram to record my idea , they have different effect finally, try to use different way to record ideas.

In this photogram , I use four CD and a wire , the reason why I choose them because they are circle with different size, so I think if I put them together maybe it will be interesting. The wire is in the middle and CDs are around the wire , it looks like the path of movement or imagine that something skin quickly and make the shape and the shadow. Another interesting things is duo to CD can reflect light ,so there are some fingerprint in the photogram. I just surprised with this which can catch things accurate. Before I make this photogram , I think a few time , because of the reflection , maybe I should change the time to more shorter to make sure it will not too much light , so I choose the 2.5 seconds and finally is good.

In this photogram , I put the horn and circular fan blade in the screen. I want to express which is the sound of the horn is very loudly  and the sound which looks like the circular fan blade in nature world spread very wide. Besides ,as we all know , the sound is very subjective thing and we can’t see the appearance of the sound ,we just use our imagination to create some thing when we are listening sounds.  So I don’t put all the paper into the developer , I used the brush to cover the whole paper and we also can see some space in the paper. It means when we are listening some sounds ,it is depend on ourselves and very free to dream.

I think this piece is not very successful , because the main object is too light and almost can’t see what it is. In this photogram , I showed a sweater and my finger , before I did this , actually I want to print the texture of the sweater , but it isn’t successful. I think maybe because I used too long time , and also sweater is thick which means more closer for the lens , so it looks like too light.