The performance was about a female sitting down on the floor and let the audiences to cut a piece of her clothes. when I first time saw this performance , I can’t understand what she was doing .Because a normal person will not let people cut she/he clothes and especially the female ,so it was a little bit shocking me and I think maybe almost people can’t understand her action . And for female it was a shame thing to do this performance , because privacy is very important .

Or put it to another way,it was a interesting performance ,because it broken the traditional notion and very exciting to watch it ,so it would attract a range of audiences and took part in . If I had been in the audience during the performance , maybe I would fear to take part in and also as a female I think it is shameful thing , so I will not participate in it . I guess in the video maybe many people are shy to cut the piece at the beginning ,however there are some people try to do this ,so they are following with others ,maybe because of curiosity.

Additionally , I consider that the performance is very different from traditional form of art. For instance , like sculpture and painting almost are doing by artists themselves , but in this performance audience can join in it. And also audience are the very important part of the performance art , if they don’t have someone take part in it , it will not finish it.  Through the whole life about Yoko Non , she has Performed this piece many time , and I think in different period people have different actions , some have been influenced by the time , and  Non might want to know about I in different period people’s reactions.

When we come back to talk abou the performance art ,we can see in Non ‘ eyes there are little tears. So I think may before she do this performance art ,she think people will not cut her clothing , but actually people do it , so she might feel a little bit sad and disappoint. Also she maybe would think people why really do it , what are they think about when they cut the clothing.