This project is group work ,we take photos at photo studio and use the technique which is multiple exposure. It’s not very difficult to do the multiple exposure . First ,we should make sure that is in the dark room , and turn to the slow mode , then hold the shutter during the whole photograph and also use the light to flash ,it will be like the pieces. 

  I think it was a good way to show what is the surrealism , because it can photo a lot of layers ,so it can show the dynamics of the whole process. Like the first picture ,through the picture we can see the model went around in circles and the light is like the ribbon wrapping around the body. We want to express that when we see something maybe the surface is not the ture , everything have a lot of different sides and we also have the own color to response ourselves. In the nature world maybe we just can see the appearance about a person ,but in the photos we can see a lot of person in one body , this represents a lot of different roles for each person. 

  Additionally , some work are talk about the humanity. Someone suffer from the people who are give the heavy stressful , just like a lot of hands to haul you. Those are not the ture , we just imagine what we  are thinking and use the way of photograph to explain it.  So I think it is surrealism ,beyond the surface of the object.