First ,I cut a sleeve and in aother arm I stitch up a long sleeve with different color.  Also ,I choose the end of scarf ,there are some pattern and fringe ,so it a little bit special on the sleeve which is the reason why I use this part of scarf.


Then I use the rest of scarf to do a decoration which is folding piece . First I fixed the fabric with the folding and then use the sewing machine to sew the fabric.

I mix two fabric ,one is cotton ,other is knitting wool,and those two have different texture,so it looks different.  This is one side of the pant. Then  I put another fabric to make other side of pant. Those three fabric colors are belong gray one is dark gray ,another is light gray.

Then,I want to do some decoration, I also choose the same fabric ,but put it other side to make it look More special. And I confused to choose Which one as my design ,so I ask my friends opinion ,they say the first one maybe better,and in my opinion I also think the different colour and the direction more better.

Next ,I use the rest of the sweater cutting this in a shape of square ,and put it in the pant. The sweater is dark purple ,and the colour is very different from another colour in the pant .Connected with the painting ,there are certain colour ,so I do some changes and put it together.Additionally, I cut the dark gray fabric and connected with the part of pant, the reason is that on both sides of the contrast is more intense.

This is my finally work.