Before I start studying fashion,I never learned. So I am looking forward to studying this subject , and in my mind ,I think fashion is just to design clothes, but after learning for a period of time ,fashion is not just about design ,it also included styling ,sewing skill ,photography and so on.
The first project is group work ,we need to research one brand and make the mind map ,mood board ,paper clothes. Firstly ,we had a meeting and decided each one to do different research ,it’s a good way to do the work more quickly and everyone can focus on one or two part of the design. And then we put the information together to do the mind map . It’s not easy to do the team work ,because we need to discuss each things like which looks as our main clothes and the photography. And at the same time ,everyone had their own opinion ,so it is not easy to got everyone’s opinion together ,we need to communicate with other member ,besides ,we all from different countries ,so we just try our best to let other member know about what I want to express. From the project l known the communication is very significant ,when we work for a company ,we need to work with other people ,we can’t do everything by ourselves ,so term work is extremely important.
Then we went to the Fitzwilliam Museum in order to find some inspiration from the painting. I choose two painting which are abstract artwork to draw it on my own way, because of the abstract artwork ,so it’s difficult to explain it. I tried to use different material to express what I realize those artwork ,such as pen , ink , acrylic ,watercolor ,oil crayon and so on.Also ,I used some special material like the velvet and drawing the color on it to show my point. Actually , I am not good at using the acrylic and watercolor,however I tried to use it and tried to practice it more ,because I think different material can show different texture about the work. In last rotation ,I don’t show many development about the work ,so this time I put the development of the painting in the sketchbook.
According to the painting ,we went to the secondhand shop to buy some garment and do some drapes ,then draw it down. It is a very special experience for me to do some design using the charity shop’s garment and reform them. During doing the drapes ,it’s inspired me a lot ,I don’t mind wearable ,just care the shape and matching about the different garment . Additionally, we learned how to using the sewing machine,before I never do it
I think it’s easy to do this ,but when I try it I feel it’s not easy to control and do it well . There are plenty of the detail we need to pay attention when we are using the sewing machine.
Afterwards,I did the 20 design in different way,some I draw the common style ,some I used the shape of painting ,some I used the color . Also ,I used different medium like watercolor,oil crayon ,color pencil etc. and do some collage according to the fashion illustrator. Then,I start to doing my final design ,I did not just use the garment ,I used the fabric and cut them to mix all of fabric. Also it need to do the styling and photography , so we should consider all the things ,for example, what style is match to the clothe and where can we do the photography. And I think in order to the final effect, the styling and photography are also very important ,it is the key to show my design.
In conclusion , after learned fashion my thought is change and there are very different from the beginning. I think fashion not only to make clothes ,also it should got some ideas and develop them to put in my design. When I making my final design ,there are many complicated process need to do. Although it very difficult to learn ,I am still interesting in it and enjoy this period.