Today totur touch us how to use the sewing machine to do the basic sewing.  

The first thing is to make sure plugging  in and also pedal was connected.  The pedal need to be put in a comfortable position when you sit down,because I will decide how good you use the sewing machine. 

Second,the needle have two sides ,one is like a half circle,and aother is flat. We need to put the irregular side inside,because it will fit with machine.  Then we need to prepare the string and put it into the small box and don’t put in a wrong side.  

There are two bottom on the right ,the big one is to change the position of needle and the small one is to change the type of the string shape.  It have two small window which are show the different length and wildth ,we can change it to choose what we want.  

In the end , we just to practice to use the sewing machine. We use the paper instead the fabric to practice ,such as the straight line ,curve line ,wave line and so no.  I think the straight line is the most easy to do ,and the wave line is the most difficult to do ,because we need to change the direction of paper and be careful.