Firstly,I showed six different style which is very common style and can be wearing in daily life.Also I connected with the painting ,in the clothes there are many different color split joint together or using the different texture fabric. Besides,I made donates as the models head which is connected with the illustrator ,because she always use some items which are interesting and search from daily life.  The shape all belong to the profile design,and not very fit.

The pattern is from the part of painting and I using the pen draw a same shape. I put the pattern as my clothes and I show the idea development of the making.  The the first one I don’t change any thing ,just use the original appearance. But I think is enough because it’s look like special and interesting.  🙂 The second one I cut the different color and split joint together to make the shape differently.Because I want the shape more profile.

The first one is a sweater and cover a corsets. I like the two color and put together. Using the corsets is because swearter is loose ,so it’s can outstanding figure.  And the end of the clothes is a pattern like brick,I think is fit the whole style.   I inspired when I walking to school.

The background is my drawing which I imitated the painting,and I cover a cellophane paper,then I draw some simlpe look in the paper.  I want to express I just use the color of the painting as the different shape of the clothes. Don’t care too much about the arm need to use a color and the collar need to use another color,we can mix all of them.

I design two different clothes using pen and crayon. Because of my choice of illustration artist,her style is a bit exaggerated,so I try to use colourful color and make the patch shape. Then I use the fabric to make a clothes. The black leather is the grounding ,and I put some different fabric to do some decoration .Additionally,I make a puff sleeve with two different fabric and texture ,also in the end of the dress decoration with fringe.

I print different fabric and cut different size to make some collage.  I use the string to make a bowknot and long ribbon,and use lace fabric to make a pagoda sleeve.