Those are showing the clothes which I bought from the second hands shop. The reason why I choose those clothes not another clothes is because those colour are connected with the painting which I choose like brown ,grey ,dark purple and green. And I choose the clothes don’t with many decorations. 

I use the four garments to reform the new clothes and I try to connect with the painting. The painting show the different colours  joining together in one piece ,so I  put the garments of different colour together but not overlapping just use the basic way. Also I try to make the design more interesting and special. I rolled it up and make it wrapping around the body. Besides,I broken the traditional concept,the pants and skirts not only can be as the pants and skirts but also can be as the top ,even just as a shawl. I try to create a sense of hierarchy ,and it’s irregular. I mixed the pant and skirt to make a new dress and it also have different length ,so looks like a little bit  unique.