Julie Verhoeven has worked in numerous ways across fashion and design,from illustration to creative direction and design consultancy.Her drawing are less pretty and fey,more visceral and crude ,but fragile and steely in a way.Just a mush of contradictions.In her works ,her personal characteristics are obvious ,it’s crazy and abstract ,we can’t find regularity from her work ,she always have imagination .She also use plenty of different materials in her work ,such as simple lines ,lacquer,crayon ,pastel and collage. scan042small.jpg36.jpgPlasticDreams2JulieVerhoeven.jpgscan041small.jpg222f272acf1fb6ee3bf4aa332964fcad.jpgthe-pleasure-is-all-mine-jpeg10.jpglg_51d3fa95-7038-4ec6-b78c-4db20aa613db.jpg169777253_e4ee9826ff.jpgJulie_Verhoeven,_Sundae_Girl,_2013,_30_cm_x_21.5_cm..jpgJulie-Verhoeven_resized.jpg