When you first time look those two magazine ,you can see it is very different between those. The left one looks like very colourful.,and there are a plenty of information in the page.It use the fancy type which make you feel more showiest,and  it has a range of picture s ,also having lots of collage. The right one is more simple ,the background is white and the layout have lots of blank ,so it make people feel fresh and clean.On this page ,it just use the simple typeface and we just see little content about the magazine . Compared with those two magazine we can know the right one is minimalism , which is more simple than another one.

I think living in a minimalist way., it is a good way to save time to do other things such as going out,stay with friends, and traveling. And it also means we can gaining time to concentrate on other aspects of us lives.I don’t think if you are a minimalism which is means you just use the white colour ,you also can use the colourful things. However , minimalism just foucs on the thing’s surface and let things I truly likes surface in life ,don’t worry about too much ,enjoying the moment. And to make the most of what you want to do. 

Yes,I like this style for life ,because I think the life is so hard ,so I want to make everything in our daily more simple and minimalism is a good way to reduce unimportant things.The advantage of the minimalism is simple and easy ,make sure everything be simple ,using the rest of time to do more significant things. Don’t need to spent much of my time on the trivial matter. Or put it to another ways,this also have the drawback,which is not really comfortable ,maybe sometime we will feel crowing because of the smell apartment ,maybe during the long time looking the minimum things we will feel boring,and don’t have passion for life.