Today we went to the Fitzwilliam  Museum and appreciated a range of artwork. It was a amazing experience to enjoy those wonderful artwork. I choose few artworks which are I like.
The first artwork I saw was the flowers,it’s so beautiful. The colors and the appearance are awesome and I pay attention to the detail about the flowers,in the edge of the flowers are deeper than in the middle. Semidouble pink/ lavender shading, white fringed edge.

This work compared with the first one is different when I saw it. The first one is more warmer and this one some flowers are faded. Besides,the tone of the painting is more darker. Although it has yellow and pink flowers ,still can’t let people feel warm.
This is a detail which is called The Adoration of the Kings. 

I think this bag is so cute. It’s a little bit similar with the old chinese wallet,and I just think maybe It also can be used as the bag nowadays.

It’a a portraiture about a girl and the girl across the arms and hold a bottle looking at in front of her. I think she maybe is thinking something or paying. I like the detail in the clothes ,the pattern is so exquisite. Collar have the folding of the. Wave line and we even can see the detail of the texture. 

I am gold to go to the museum ,it is a good experience.  It can reach to the rich cultural connotations, broaden our horizons,and have a lot of harvest.