Medium:oil on canvas

Date :1955

Graham was an official war artist in the Second World War. His work is much inspired by landscape and religion ,and he designed the tapestry for the re-built Coventy Cathedral. He focuses on the inherent strangeness of natural forms,and abstracting them ,sometimes giving his work a surrealist appearance.

The artwork is not a realistic depiction ,and the part of leg is distorted which looks like a fish. The shape of the wings and the color affect my mood,and the work create a mysterious atmosphere.

The background is brown and the main object is blue ,white and pink. There are three part in the paining. The shape in the middle attracted me the most which is like a standing bird and bending down. I think it looks so beautiful,because of the color. It seems very mysterious ,fantastic ,tonal is harmonious.

It’s abstract artwork , we can’t see the surface to understand thereal meaning which is the artist want to express in the painting. But related to the period and context ,we can know maybe the painting is about the Second World War and in the beginning of the part is like solders’ armour. If we use the armour with some decration and as the part of dress,maybe can make the whole dress more dashing.