Medium:oil on board


Measurements:44.4 x 38.3 cm

Vaughan was self-taught as an artist. Through these contacts he formed part of the neo-romantic circle of the immediate post-war period. However, Vaughan rapidly developed an idiosyncratic style which moved him away from the Neo-Romantics. Concentrating on studies of male figures, his works became increasingly abstract. His style is from romanticism to abstraction. This work is his later painting ,so it’s more abstract.

From the title ,we know the painting is about cattle shed ,but when we watch the work ,we can’t recognize it appearance. We just can see it looks like a house and he used the different color to express different part of the “house”. The color He used which are the dark tone. I choose this artwork ,the reason is the colour ,which attracted me the most. The color collocation is very harmonious,and the work composed of some color ,it looks very simple, but there are a plenty of other colors In a color.

Using different materials of fabric splicing,due to different fabric texture is different, there will be different effects. With different shades of the color of the mix will be more hierarchical. In the overall collocation using a bright color will make the whole shape to add highlights,there are also some bright colors like orange and green in the painting to brighten the whole painting.