f 26                                                 f 4.5

           Speed Mode 

Today we study the skill which is how to use the professional camera ,I think is a very useful skill ,because if we want to show our design work or artwork,we should take some pictures to show our work.  However, the picture will affect the presentation of your work.So ,having  the skill of taking photos is important. 

First,we learn about the shutter speed,it is means the speed when you are taking photos ,and different speed will have different effect. For instance,the high-speed is freezing time ,when you want to take some photos which  happened too fast to see ,at that time you can use camera to write it down. If you want to Take some photos which is moving ,you can change the speed to 15 or higher speed (different speed have different effect). And I taking photos is about our tutor,when he throwing  the fallen leaves,at that moment we press the shutter. Finally the photo looks like magic,it’s very funny photos. 

Besides,we also study how to use AV mode. This function can change the photo to focus on one thing or take the whole view.  The Lower figure is focus on one thing ,and I think when I want to show some detail about my design I can use it ,because it can let people pay more attention to watch the detail. And if I want to show the entirely,the higher figure is more clear to show.  

After I took all the photos,I also use the photoshop to trim my photos to make it look better.