The brand which we choose is Lon Dalton,it’s natural simple look style and the collection is Spring/Summer 2017. We search different part of information in this season ,someone research about the shape or fabric of clothes ,and someone find some information about the detailing or styling etc.  In the end ,we get together the whole information about this season,then we do the Mindmap. 

When I first see this collection,I think it is a easy and sporting style. Look the whole season ,we can see designer used somewhat colors,such as rich, reddy-orange ,brown and so on. The sandals with compression socks attracted me a lot ,because wear sandals is very informal and it be used in the shows. 

The designer is a woman but she design the man’s wear.  In this season ,she inspirated from hiking,she used to walk with her brother.It’s means freedoms and she’s clothes feel freeing and easy and somewhat uplifting ,you will not feel stuffy. Because she use special fabric which is showerproof nylons in slick electric blue or black and light cotton. In her design, the shape are very simple like lightweight bomber jacket ,slope-shouldered tailoring and capacious knee-length shorts, but there are a plenty of details,for instance,zipper with long strings ,close cuffs and  the pattern of stripes. 

We guess customer maybe is young adults like the cool street,sporty style and the person who prefer practical ,comfortable clothes for daily. 

In this collection, we can see it’s very nature ,so we think we can find something from the daily. Designer used a lot of colors ,so we choose the colors from the nature like orange and Chestnuts which colors are very similar with the clothes.The pattern is also very interesting,because we guess she  inspired from hiking ,so when she was walking ,there are lots of leaves and maps ,and she put it into her design. She used the waterproof fabric which is have a kind of luster ,the plastic also has the luster. Besides,it also have folding.

Window eaves have the different size lines and the pattern of Stripes of different size and colors are also in her design. Window eaves are common things that we see every day.

We choose two shape from the mood board which is stripes and the folding. One is from the pattern and another is from the folding of waterproof fabric.  Lines  have many form of expression,such as straight line ,curve ,wave line and so on. And we choose different lines and try to transform them,for example ,we cut the fifferent size lines then roll up it ,it become a shape of bowknot. 

Above the waist,we cut a curve piece to make a choker and use the rest of paper to shear different size wave line as the decoration. In this collection, we can see lots of jackets are slope-shouldered,so we crush up the paper and then make it fixed  like a shoulder. It’s means slope-shouldered. 

The lower part of the body,we design the fringe and roll it up. Besides,we also use the cross wire. First,we hollow out the paper with the different size lines and then use the rest of paper to across.