Title: Campbell’s Soup Cans (or 32 Soup Cans)

Artist:Andy Warhol

Medium: Screen print


Dimensions: 51×42 cm per canvas

In my opinion,I think his art  try to communicate with the daily life ,because may he really like this soup cans and he want to recommend  this to everyone, so he copy so many the same soup cans in a page . And also he want to connection with the factories and the mass-produced to have more profit from the art , it’s quiet a good way to give publicity to individual .

He repeat so many the same picture over and over , it looks like the factory mass-produced the objects one after another . So I consider that he maybe want to show the making process of the objects and also encourage people to buy the mass-produced goods. Or he want to use this way to spread his art itself to make it more popular . He willing to use the mass-produced to replace the making by hands , because if something be produced by machines ,it’s more quickly and easier . Besides ,using machine to produce can make sure the quality of the objects which are the same thing .

I think he definitely celebrates mass-produced commodities ,duo to the mass-produced ,it take a range of profit to him and make his image more and more famous , so he finally got both the fame and money .By producing hundreds of prints, it a good way to self-promotion and let more people know the image ,because it be used to as the image of brand and so many people know about the image ,so when people saw this image they will know about the good and the artist, also in this way he expand the brand’s influence and popularity .

I choose the image of Michael Jackson which is one of the most famous music singers.He very famous and his songs still now many people are willing to sing.A plenty of his song have an important influence a lot people ,even a period.The reason that why I choose this photo because Andy Warhol often represented influential people in his work,so that Michael Jackson is a good choice to represent as an icon of a period in music.