Artist: Helen Frankenrhaler

Title: Contentment island,2004

Medium: Silkscreen

Edition: Edition of 118

Helen Frankenthaler was among the most influential artists of the mid-twentieth century. Introduced early in her career to major artists such as Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline (and Robert Motherwell, whom she later married), Frankenthaler was influenced by Abstract Expressionist painting practices, but developed her own distinct approach to the style. (search from:http://www.theartstory.org/artist-frankenthaler-helen.htm)

From the tittle,we know this artwork is describe a place which made her happiness.So I guess that it’s her imaginary place or someplace is her really want to live.  In this artwork ,the whole tone was cool tone and was used the most colour are blue and green.This colour make me feel more peaceful and quiet ,besides ,I think cool tone feel a little bit desolation and disappointed .She just use the simple colors and she don’t have many shape ,it’s extremely casual. Interesting things is that she used the “soak- stain ” technique ,in which she poured turpentine-thinned paint onto canvas,producing luminous color washes that appeared to merge with the canvas and deny any hint of three-dimensional illusionism. It’s  very special to draw a painting . And from the artwork , we can’t see anything which looks like an island. It’s very abstract, however ,it also can give audience  imaginary space ,they can create the island what they want . Maybe someone think the blue shape is an island ,and others think the yellow point is the island , different person have different personality ,so they have their own opinion about the painting ,duo to artist leave a plenty of space to the audience,so that individual can have their own imagination , I think this is the fascination of the abstract.