Three weeks is almost over,during this period I have a lot reflection .And there are some aspect which I think I’m good at and some are not.

I research a lot of information about the different type of style , also the designer and brands’ history, I learn a lot from those. And I put my point into my artwork ,for example , I mixed the historical things and the fashionable things ,because I think history is not the backward things and nowadays still have contact with the old things .If we can mix all of those that it’s very cool things.I use many different materials to show my ideas , such as string, velvet ,cotton and so on .I try to find different way to express my opinion,however,it isn’t used very well.Almost after class I will write blog to record what I do today.

I thing I am not good at printing and drawing ,so my collage is not good looking and not creative compared with other artwork .Besides, now I can’t use the artwork to show my whole understanding and to explain it .I don’t draw a lot ,because I am pool in drawing ,so I can’s express my mean clearly and record the ideas .

So,in the next rotation I hope I will do more practice in printing and drawing whatever I do it well or not,and try my best to explain what I think and what I understand about the subject.Try to identify what it’s my style and opinion more,and record the ideas even just small things.Try to do Photoshop and some skill on the computer.