Title : Not to be Reproduced

Medium: Oil

Artist: Rene Magritte

Date : 1937

Museum : Boijmans Van Beuningen.

This artwork depicted a man in front of the mirror and on the table there is a book .  Inside the mirror ,the book is normal,but something is strange which is the mirror showed man’s back,not the face. By common sense , we should see the obverse side of the man , so when I first time see it , which make me very confused. In this painting , the colour is not very colourful , just few colour in this work ,such as brown , orange , green ,black , and also those color are dark color ,so it make me feel a little bit serious and oppressive .

As we all know ,if we look at the mirror, we will see the obverse of face, the really appearance about yourself ,but in this work the artist showed a view of the back , it looks strange and uncomfortable . When we see it we will feel odd and think why the mirror show the back of the man? is there have some mystery in this painting ? It is a little bit hard to understand . so in my opinion,  I guess maybe he didn’t want to see what  he really looks like or dare not face the true self. He didn’t want to know about he really appearance and mind ,properly he had some things to be afraid , so the mirror just show the back . Besides , it also a surreal artwork , because in our daily life don’t have a mirror can see the back , it is just the imagination by the artist.

If we notice the book on the mantle,we will find this the only really thing reflected in the mirror.It’s a work by Edgar Allen Poe ,one of Magritte’s favourite authors. I consider it’s has a significance meaning about this artwork.The novel’s about an explorer who travels to the South Pole.Maybe this book can stand for something about him or he want to use this book to tell people something which he can say with the mouth ,so he use the different way to express it .