After someday thinking and researching,I have few idea about this project,so I start to draw in the sketchbook .When I think this keyword “style “,I realize it’s a huge scale question and have so many ways to explain this ,it’s a little bit difficult for me ,because I never think like this question which is quite broad,I don’t know what can I use as my artwork.However,I search a range of information from the internet and read a lot of eassy,I feel maybe I know how to show my own opinion in my artwork .It’s my sketchbook so I can do everything I like in it .

I want to explain the first theme is History.As we all know ,history always attracts a lot ,so at first I want to show the different time and different country have different style .Rococo appeared in 18 century Europ ,women were willing to wear big  pannier and leotard ,it’s a way to show their nice body.Otherwise ,cheongsam is a kind of very traditional clothes ,it’s also very fit to women’s body ,and wearing cheongsam symbolises elegance ,in 19 century Chinese women very like it and I love it ,too. 🙂

These two just a example,there are so many type of the clouthes in the past and even are very classical.I don’t think nowadays wear this is stranged ,I don’t think the old fashion and the classical things will never be eliminated.I still think some historical thinks need be protected ,because all of these are very valuable ,we can learn a lot of ideas from them .

In recent times ,some artist will put some items into their artwork ,it can remind people don’t forgot the history .Besides ,more and more individuals like to study more knowledge about the history and wear improved clothes . For me ,I think wearing like Hanfu ,cheongsam is a really cool clothes .