alexander-wang_handm_02 alexanderwang

I want to introduce this person is Alexander Wang ,it’s a very famous fashion designer .Many young people like him ,because his design is very easy to wear but also fashionable ,he mix together the idea from sport and American style. When he was young ,his parents   carried him to other places very often , maybe it will influence him a lot.This is reflected in his works, you can plenty of different style in a design.Beside, in his work ,we can see a lot of shape of  men’s wear,he think man’s wear and women’s wear is no boundaries. Yes ,I very agree with this view ,because I think men’s wear can have some fabric like chiffon which is considered to be very feminine ,also women’s wear can use the profile shape like oversize style.

Some stories about him

When he was a child ,he usually sat at the coffee shop with his mum and watched the pedestrian’s activity,then drew it down .So ,he is good at printing and he observed very carefully,he can saw some small details .For example,people eating the chocolate ,it has different shape about it ,and he can inspire from this ,then put this ideas into his artwork ,even though mixing something we don’t pay attention to it.So I think I can collect some little which I think interesting ,it don’t need to be so beautiful or exquisite ,but think more deeply ,maybe you will find some change about the things or items.

All in all,he is one of the most which I liked designer ,I learned a lot things from him.For instance, taking notice of something what we maybe ignored,doing more practice in it,and more thinking and understanding.