It was the first time  I came to Cambridge I was very thrilling and surprising. When I looked at the architectures, It’s amazing and very different from my hometown China. I can’t take my eyes off. Because  England have a long history,so there are a a range of churches ,museums,galleries,and I really want to see everyone ,so mabey at the last year every weekend  I will go to the museums.(just hope I don’t have lots of homework should do ) 

I study the Foundation of Art and Design at CSVPA. At the beginning ,we can choose three different subjects and every subject we will study 3 weeks to help us choose one as us finally subject ,because now someone still a little bit don’t know what they really want to do.And I chooses Fashion promotion ,Fashion design and Teather Arts,although others I also think very interesting.(Because the provisions can only choose 3 ,so …) I am looking forward to starting the class,because I think I will got a lot of different knowledge about art .Just imagine that it let me feel exciting.  

  In this year I hope I will recognize myself better ,and have my own plan of future.I really expect the life in UK.